The 1st Post

Welcome to my blog!

A few weeks ago after a ride, I sat down on my couch and made this on my computer:

Really, I should have put ‘Chinese Adventure’ because that is exactly what this trip is going to be. Our director, Thomas Craven summed it up perfectly “This is going to be an adventure first and the racing is second. Keep that in mind.” I love adventure.

I can admit, though, I am a bit nervous traveling to China. I don’t know any of the language and I have no idea what to expect. The food, the culture, the environment, the customs are so foreign to that of Western society and its a bit frightening leaving the comfort of coffee, fried chicken, and criteriums behind for green tea, chicken feet, and kierns. But on the other hand, it heightens the sense of the adventure that is about to happen. With most social media sites banned by the Chinese government, I am going to try and keep this blog updated daily with lots of pictures and good stories, along with where we are and what is happening. Please, leave a comment or suggestion. I would love to hear from anyone back home.

As always, keep riding your bike!




2 thoughts on “The 1st Post

  1. I’m glad that there will still be a way to keep in contact with you and hear the great stories from China. Keep up the good work Alder 🙂
    Love, from Cali

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