Internet in China

The internet in China can be summed up as spotty at best. For a few days, there was a wi-fi network that Blair and I could access from our room. Yesterday, just as I was finishing my post, it disappeared and hasn’t shown back up. So I reluctantly left the comfort of my bed and went into the lobby for some hotel wifi, which, by the way, only appears on the first and fifth floors (where meals are served if you have been keeping up). The arduous journey down the escalators, explained in tomorrows post, was for naught. My phone and computer wouldn’t connect. So today I went to the market to look for a USB ethernet adapter, also a story for tomorrows post, and found one, obviously.
The point of this post is to ask of you, reader, not to give up on me if I become a day behind. Tomorrow we leave Xi’an and who knows when or where the next hotspot will show up. So hold your breath for a few hours longer because I can assure you I will be on the prowl for internet to bring you the next installment of this adventure. Thanks for understanding,


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