Bored in Wuhan

The next two days were rest days. Tour of China I was done and we had come away with a stage win! The first night of rest was welcome. I woke up late, with no alarm, and meandered to breakfast with no idea what might be in store for the day. After riding to the Yangtze river trying to find that fun road we had ridden the day before. It never happened but I did experience more crazy traffic. Just go. No stopping.
I rode with Joe, Ty, Tanner, and two Aussies from Champion Systems, Cameron Wurf and Aaron Kemps and we decided that we should try and find a market later that afternoon. A place where we can find knockoff items for cheap. Nike t shirts with an upside down swoosh. Random shoes. Iphone cases. Or just anything to prove we had traveled outside of a hotel room.

So Craven, Joe, Oscar, Ty, Tanner, Olivia and two of her childhood friends who now go to school in Wuhan, and I drove an hour to the market. It was interesting. A lot of the stores would not haggle with us, so we would just leave. At one point, I found some sweet shoes but they didn’t come in my size. Just when it seemed we had failed at finding anything, Joe stumbled upon a gem. It was a packed space with winding corridors around small stores in a building. 5 flights. Unfortunately, everyone was tired at this point and we headed back. Joe however, would not let China get the best of him, and found a pair of nun-chucks for 20 yuan. Joe 1. China 1.

The next day, what seemed like the entire field went for a ride at the same time in the same direction. I did not get this luxury due to an untimely flat. I sprinted the two minutes back to the hotel, got a new wheel, and sprinted back after the group. But, I never found them. I was all alone in Wuhan. Fortunately, I had only made a few turns so I was confident I could find my back. Regardless, it was one lonely feeling. I explored a little up and down the Yangtze before heading to the Starbucks near the hotel where some people had stopped for a post ride coffee.

The internet in the hotel was awful so I started a TV series my friend Tyler Karnes had introduced me to, Breaking Bad. Interesting show. This was, of course, after I had finished all three seasons of Arrested Development. Nothing else to do but sit and wait for Tour of China II to start.


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