Transfer to Xiangyang

Today marks our first week in China. Day 7. It feels like Day 17. We had a five hour transfer to Xiangyang. While I have enjoyed writing each day, its also been quite an exercise. I’m not even sure if I wrote this much during school! Therefore, I am taking a day off from writing and posting pictures instead. I hope you enjoy them!
Two quick things though: First of all, the race transfer caravan is nothing short of impressive. It has got to be about 200 vehicles including team cars, team vans, VIPs, luggage trucks, buses, media cars, and a flat bed truck carrying the race helicopter. Secondly, the caravan stopped every hour for a bathroom and smoke break. At one of these, Brian bought Craven a pickled chickens foot to eat on a dare. About twenty people gathered around to watch Thomas. One of the Spanish guys summed it up well, “That guys got big balls!” And an iron stomach.

The view from the hotel in Shanglo after Stage 3.

Shanglo treated Ty well, he finished 2nd on the stage!

Check out this hotel lobby!!

If you get the chance to eat fried banana, do it. Its delicious.

Big George was on billboards all over the place!!! International sensation!

Typical houses and villages in the Chinese mountains

The Chinese mountains are no joke.

The Tour of China helicopter travels with us.

Joe was super bored during the transfer.

Ty probably listened to Skinny Love by Bon Iver the whole time.

When we got to Xiangyang, Ty and I went for a ride in search of an open air market. We found one . There were chunks of meat hanging from hooks, live chickens, live frogs. The smell was overpowering.


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