It felt like we had been traveling through a tunnel for a long time. At first the tunnel was interesting and big and different. But the tunnel kept on going and stayed the same and what was once interesting and fun soon becomes boring and rote. Rice for breakfast goes from novelty to no thanks to ugh. And then you see the light at the end of the tunnel and you long to get out of the tunnel and into the light. And the more you talk of how exciting it will be to get out of the tunnel, the more drab the tunnel becomes. That is the best way I can describe China.
Sitting here in Charlotte, I look back at China and it was a great experience. I loved it. I’d go back. I don’t want people to think that I didn’t like China from some of the bashings that I dished out in my writing.
I’m really glad that I finally pieced my thoughts and memories together and finally finished this blog. At the same time, I don’t want this to be the end. Look for updates on whats happening in my life and whats going through my head as I go through the off-season, then start training, and then begin to race again next year.

One of the plates they gave stage winners and jersey holders. Brian somehow got one and we signed it for him.

Everyone loves a little post race wrestle!

Riding to a race is the perfect warmup.

Cool statue

Wait, did the statue move?

Yeah, it did.

Craven’s book that Olivia refused to read.


And again…

The last supper. In China.

Thanks to Olivia for providing me with some of these pcitures!


Thats grape juice kids.


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