Monday Update: The Pre Ride

The hardest part of a bike ride for many people is, ironically, getting on the bike. Once wheels have touched pavement and bum met seat, the world around just kind of melts away. Until the occasional uninformed driver brings everything screeching back to reality. When I started training again, my CTS coach told me to ride every day at 10. Get into a routine. Here’s mine, in the hopes it inspires your own:
I like to wake up around 8. I have this nifty little app on my phone called Sleep Time by Azumio. It uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect your movement as you sleep and then creates a graph showing your sleep cycles from light to deep to light. The alarm then will wake you during a 30- minute window at your lightest sleep cycle. Maybe gimmicky, but its kind of cool, and I like seeing my average bed time and hours of sleep.
Blair is usually up, having been woken by his puppy, and already has the water on the stove for coffee. We both prefer French Press however we disagree on the amount of beans needed. There must be a bell curve for amount of beans that go into a French Press and Blair’s corner is on the far end of the spectrum.

I’ve given up squabbling over bean count and just start on breakfast. Most mornings its oatmeal. And those other mornings its more oatmeal. I really like steel cut, but it takes too long to cook so I usually use rolled oats. The best part of oatmeal are the toppings. My go to is raisins, crasins, honey, cinnamon, and peanut butter. Sliced almonds and any fresh fruit are also welcome. Larry Warbasse has the craziest oatmeal. Wheat germ, nuts, fruit, agave; its impressive. But at some point I want to stop cooking and just eat.
By the time we sit down to breakfast, its 9. Oatmeal, coffee, water, and beet juice from Viva Raw. We both sit on our computers and upload training files, respond to emails, or just see what happened last night on Facebook and read cycling articles. I recommend The Inner Ring blog and anything on PezCycling that has pictures by Jared Gruber.
Coffee. Oatmeal. Beet juice. Social media sites. Maybe a few games of Call of Duty. The only thing missing is some music. And to be honest, I think this is the most important part of the pre ride because of Pavlov’s theory. The one where a bell is rung every time a dog eats. And then the dog begins to slobber when it hears a bell. Same concept using music. An old teammate of mine, Simon Lambert-Lemay was the first to use this. Before every ride he began a playlist that he would only play before rides. By the end, he was ready to go. After a while, it works like magic. The Pied Piper of training.

Here’s my playlist:

  1. Intro by The XX
  2. Fade Into Darkness by Avicii
  3. We’ll Be Coming Back by Calvin Harris ft. Example
  4. Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  5. My Feelings For You by Avicii and Sebastien Drums
  6. The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) by Martin Solveign
  7. Cant Stop Me by Afrojack and Shermanology
  8. Dancing In My Head by Eric Turner and Steve Angello
  9. Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia
  10. This Is Love by ft. Eva Simons
  11. Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Akoi Mix) by Kid Cudi
  12. You Used To Hold Me by Calvin Harris
  13. Yeah by Steve Angello
  14. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics
  15. Seek Bromance by Tim Berg
  16. Spitfire (Kill the Noise Remix) by Porter Robinson

If you have Spotify, you can find the playlist under my profile. Or make your own and let me know whats on it! Either way, Pavlov was a genius. Musics playing, you’re fading into the darkness. Heads are rolling because of my feelings for you. They can’t stop me because she’s dancing in my head. Throwing bibs on. Check weather. Leave the arm warmers; its going to be too warm. Don’t worry child because this is love. You used to hold me, yeah. Shoes on. Water bottles filled. Sweet dreams are made of these when you seek bromance and finally spitfire because ITS BIKE RIDING TIME AND NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP YOU! All of a sudden, wheels have touched pavement and bum has hit saddle. Reality slips away and once more…all is right in the world.



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