Travelers Rest

There is a 6 mile trail called the Swamp Rabbit Trail that heads north from the center of Greenville into downtown TR. Travelers Rest. Its not much of a downtown. In fact, its not much more than a few 4 way intersections with some coffee shops, gun stores, and a few well placed mirrors in which I can look at myself as I ride by. And while the address at the 104 is technically Greenville, the house is, in my mind, very much Travelers Rest.

I have been riding in Greenville and its environs since I was 14. While I usually never knew exactly where I was, whenever we rolled through Travelers Rest, it meant the ride was almost over. TR is almost like Greenville’s Gateway to Great Riding. Even now, when Paris Mountain slips into view I know that Travelers Rest is not far away, signaling the end of that days training.

Just another day training

And for years I had never really thought about the name Travelers Rest – until today. Today marks the beginning of quite a busy month of racing. Today is the first stage of the Joe Martin Stage Race in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a 4 day race that ends Sunday with a really hard criterium. Monday, I will travel back home for a brief respite before leaving again 2 days later this time for Europe! I am so honored and excited to be chosen for Hincapie’s first European campaign. Plus, it will also give me something other than Blair-proof recipes and race reports to write about.

Three days after pond-hopping home, I will leave again for USPRO in Chattanooga, TN. Three days after driving home from Chattanooga, I will leave once more for Philly and its newly designed course that now finishes at the top of the fabled Manayunk Wall.

My bag is only this organized right after I pack it

All the travel gives new meaning to my home in Travelers Rest. Its appropriate. Its peace. Its a lot of laundry. Don’t for a second though, think that I am not looking forward to this next month. Recently I have been listening to Of Monsters and Men’s album My Head Is An Animal. I love the whole album but one song From Finner stuck out to me. The song is about a whale that has a house on its back on which people travel across the ocean, exploring different places and having adventures. A random idea, but its the chorus I love:

“And we are far from home but we’re so happy. Far from home, all alone but we’re so happy. ”

Thats me; traveling around and having adventures. But in this case, the whale is a bike. Actually, now that I think about it, thats an appropriate name for my bike: Finner.



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