More Sleep and More Water

I got a new shirt. As usual its a sponsored shirt. These things have invaded and conquered my T-shirt drawer faster than the zombie apocolypse in World War Z and The Walking Dead combined. And I love it. If you’ve got a cool tee, I’ll wear it. This particular one is for BMC and reads, “PEDAL FASTER” just like that in all caps. Its really that simple. Just. Pedal. Faster.

The next month will provide myself and the team plenty of opportunity to do just that. First up is the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon. Following that, the team will spend two weeks in Park City, Utah acclimating to the altitude and preparing for the Tour of Utah, one of the big 3 stage races in the US, next to the Tour of California and US Pro Challenge. Its a massive opportunity and I couldn’t be more ‘geed up’ (‘strayan for excited) to race. Its probably going to be the hardest race I have ever done. Its probably going to kick my ass. I’m going to suffer. I might even cry. Who knows. It will be an escapade.

A few days ago I decided that in order to pedal as fast as possible, I need to improve in 2 areas: more sleep and more water. My first thought was to pack my pillow. But this morning, no matter how much I pushed, the pillow was not going to fit in my already congested suitcase. This is probably because of the French Press and coffee grinder that had somehow snuck in between my rain vests and leg warmers. A bit ironic perhaps that the sleeping aid was kicked out for the waking-up aid. Sacrifices must be made!

The pillow was out so I resorted to plan numero deux: ear plugs and books. Fortunately, ear plugs do not take up much room and neither do books when they are loaded on a Kindle. Ah the magic of technology. On Joe Lewis’s recommendation, I am a few chapters into World War Z. I get a few pages in and pass out – its a sure fire way of falling asleep quickly.

As for the more water issue I was perusing Amazon the other day, as a bored individual who cannot stand shopping for more than 10 consecutive minutes is want to do, and stumbled upon the Nalgene bottles section. I had lost mine in Chattanooga and these were on sale; how could I not buy a replacement? Plus the Amazon Prime membership makes it so easy to buy anything!

A Nalgene is a great way to make sure you always have some water on hand and because they are so big, you don’t have to refill them very often. Imagine my surprise when I pulled the worlds smallest Nalgene bottle out of the box. This thing was same size as my sunglasses! It would make a baby’s hands look like Andre the Giant’s. Apparently the sale was just for the 16 oz bottles.


It wasn’t all bad however. When I went to REI to find a normal sized replacement, I stumbled upon the acc-ou-tra-ments aisle. Holy Nalgene, some people take their water drinking seriously – from filters to caps to cozies and credit card containers. I indulged in a splash guard to allow maximal tilt back and gulp without dousing my face, neck, and upper shirt area in a small scale tidal wave.

Can’t be getting water on my new T-shirt!



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