Are We Racing Yet?

Have you every googled “Things to do when you’re bored”? Or refreshed Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram over and over and over until nothing new pops up? And then you get excited for about 5 seconds while the newest @ThatsEarth tweet loads a picture of a watermelon thats been elaborately carved to resemble a snarling tiger. Maybe its a leopard.


Perhaps you are so bored that you decide to start a blog instead of watching the clock, counting down till the next meal. In the last days leading up to a race, when all the training is done, trips get boring. You barely leave the house much less your bed. Here is how I spent the last day and a half waiting for tonights 2 mile prologue.

Wake up at 8. Grab my French Press and coffee grinder. Almost everyone is finished with breakfast and Joe proceeds to make fun of my matutinal walk. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a sunrise person and apparently I do the exact same sleepy stumbling shuffle into the kitchen each A.M. Breakfast is routine: oatmeal, granola, fruit, and eggs. I realize its a rest day at the Tour de France. Strike that off the list of something to do.

Ride time is at 10. Some guys go with Craven to do a bike shop ride. I’m not one of them so myself, Joey, Robin, Ben, and Joe Lewis ride the 25 minutes into Sisters, Oregon in search of a coffee shop. 2 hours, some coffee, pastries, and a few gigabytes of phone data later we get back on the bikes and ride home just in time for lunch.

After lunch I jump into the lake out back, get a massage, and play Words with Friends until my phone died. For those who are not familiar, Words with Friends is basically Scrabble for your phone. For Joey and Ben and I, its become an obsession. Most weeks I have been averaging 600 points a week. Yesterday I scored 738 points. In between trying to wrangle as many points out of AAAEEEY, we watch an exciting soccer game between the LA Galaxy and Portland Timber.

The most exciting moment of the day came at halftime. Someone noticed our head soigneur, Brian, sunbathing on a float in the lake. The wind was blowing so that Brian’s back was constantly turned away from the house and all of the team watching. Within a few minutes, Oscar bet Joe that he couldn’t sneak outside, into the water, and flip Brian. Without hesitation and much to everyone’s delight and amusement, Joe slipped outside and into the water undetected. He tried swimming underwater, made it two feet, came up for air in an enormous splash and failed his mission.

The Australian stalks his prey

Back to the soccer game. Then Coldplay’s concert in Glastonbury. Thats when Joey loudly proclaimed how bored he was. I knew I was bored when I began pacing to and from the kitchen to check on dinner’s progress.

After dinner, Robin noticed it was 7 and felt compelled to mention that we wouldn’t be racing for another 24 hours. 24 hours of waiting around to race. A collective groan rose from the table.



One thought on “Are We Racing Yet?

  1. Alder, I hope you are beginning to heal. I have been thinking about you and remembering the time Oscar broke his collar bone…. I was out of town…. Ask him about how he got home and to the hospital… Regards, Connie

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