Winter, I mean in Summer, Down Under

If I was going to run an ad in the Canberra Times, it would look something like the picture below. But ads are expensive so I am relying on you, the reader, to help me out. Take this ad and run with it. Post it on your Facie (‘stryan for Facebook), microblog it on your Twitter, and if you are feeling extra crazy, throw it up on the Instagram for me (preferably using the black and white filter).

If you couldn’t already discern from my incredibly concise, fake advertisement, I’m planning a trip to Australia for multiple reasons.

First is the training and racing. During our winter, its summer in Oceania. They have sun, warm weather, bike riders training, and most important some hard racing. I swear there is something in the waters of the Murray River because for such a small country, there are quite a lot of fast people on two wheels.

Then the other day, Joe Lewis said to me, “Mate, you’ve got to come to Aus. I want to show you my country.” Thats reason enough for me. I’ve spent the last 7 months doing the same, showing him what freedom really looks like (it looks fat), and trying to explain the rules of American football. Its ALMOST as complicated as cricket.

Finally, I am doing this for you, the reader. The past 6 weeks since my crash have been petty rote. I’ve got nothing to write about, no new experiences to divulge or stories to share. I thrive on new things, new places, and as long as finding internet is not as much of an ordeal as it was in China, I can promise at least four good stories.

I’m not asking for money, just for a bedroom that I can rent in Canberra from mid-November to late January/early February. Once I have a room then I will get a flight, a visa, a bike box, and a couple suitcases, in that order. I’m not a red, white and blue bleeding, cowboy boot wearing seppo either; just an American looking to ride his bike, make some new friends, and finally learn how rugby is played.

Most seppo picture I could find of myself.

So, if you can help me out please send me an email @ alder dot martz at gmail dot com. And honestly, I just really want to go to Aus so I can finally be the guy with the cool accent.


2 thoughts on “Winter, I mean in Summer, Down Under

  1. Disappointed I didn’t get a mention in the ‘reasons’ section of this address, only days after I went out of my way to see you. Cheers pal.
    I won’t answer my phone if you call while your over.


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