10 Things I’ve Noticed in Aus

1. Its cold here.

2. I never thought about mountains being in Australia, but Canberra is nestled right in front of a range of them.

3. Eggs. Firstly the color of the egg yolk is a much darker yellow. Almost golden. This in turn, makes omelets a different color as well. Secondly, when I went to the grocery store, I noticed there were three kinds of eggs with a large and easily seen label  on the top of the carton: Cage-free eggs; Free-range eggs; Caged eggs. I’ve never seen caged eggs marked so obviously, nor have I felt so self conscious NOT buying free range.

4. Money. There are no 1 dollar bills. Just 5 and up. But there are 2 and 1 dollar coins. Of course these coins are much smaller than the silver dollar size 20 and 50 cent coins and it throws off all my training. On the bright side, I’ve gotten a few cheaper coffees after the barista took pity on me fumbling around in my wallet and holding up customers.

5. All the kangaroos I’ve seen are dead.

6. There are wild cockatoos that fly about and make a lot of noise.

7. Australian flies are particularly persistent and pesky. I’ve developed a new respect for what horses go through.

8. There are a lot of trees in Sydney. Like a lot.

9. The airline served French Press coffee on the flight. I got so excited until I tasted it. Tasted the same as other airline’s coffee. But I appreciate the effort.

10. Slang is used everywhere. Conversation. Road signs. Advertisements. And because of that, I can only understand about 90% of whats being communicated.



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