5 questions

Lets run through some word association.

You say Australia. I say blistering heat. It hit 40 degrees Celsius today. Thats 104 F. Quite literally blistering.

You say blog. I say oh yeah…wasn’t that something I used to regularly update? Needless  to say I am back and bursting with ideas and goals. I am really excited about 2014.

You say what ideas. I say video. When I get off this Island, I am going to invest in a GoPro or other similar video recording device (any suggestions or hookups?) and piece together some videos throughout the year. A little bit of race footage, meet the #boomtime crew, lots of Ty and Oscar playing guitar and singing and some behind the scenes look at the domestic continental team life. Now here’s the fine print: I am a bike racer first. Videos come second. If they catch some really cool moments that I can share, then its been a success. But not at the expense of doing my job.

You say what goals. I say they are mine to know and yours to find out. What I can say is that I have been training hard. My trademark junk in the trunk is slowly disappearing. I feel motivated. I feel excited. I am determined.

You say no more writing? I say can’t get rid of me that easily! I realize the world is changing. A video is easier and more popular than reading a drawn out race report. So I have decided to shorten written posts into quick reads. Cooking, coffee, travel, short stories, ideas, graphs, pictures, and the best for last, bikes.

Like, comment, share, subscribe, tell your friends to like and comment and share and subscribe, follow me on Instagram and Twitter, and always keep the rubber side down. Trust me, its best that way.



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4 thoughts on “5 questions

  1. I haven’t got through the rest of your posts yet…
    *Looks at this picture*

    What in the world have you done to yourself? Did you try to go riding in some prickly bushes growing out through the bitumen? *raising eyebrows*


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