A Ride To Tidbinbilla (Come Along)

My phone commenced its alarm at 5 am but I didn’t move. I couldn’t. The closing day of this 3 day block was supposed to be a standard 4 hours beginning with Tuesday’s early morning bunch ride, dubbed the Hour of Power, and then a simple 3 hour loop. I would be on the couch by 11. But my legs wouldn’t move. I went back to sleep.

At 9 I re-awoke. At 10 I was still nursing my French Press contemplating throwing in the towel. At 10:01 I read about Phil Gaimon’s inspirational win as well as my own teammate Ty Magner’s win. At 10:30 I was on my bike.

IMG_3330To occupy my mind I gave myself a mission: find and photograph some kangaroos. So I headed south into the mountains.


These notices are everywhere but I’m guessing they are a good sign if you’re on a roo hunt.


I got a bit sidetracked when I saw a sign for deep space communication. My interest was further peaked when a later sign asked for telephones, computers, all things that emit radio signals be shut down because “We are trying to listen to space”.


Curiosity might kill cats but this time all felines survived and I was rewarded with some gargantuan antenna dishes.


Caption contest. Thats definitely a ‘talking with aliens’ position. Who cares what the fox says; what does the sky say? Can you hear me now?


I tried really hard to take a picture that illustrates the vastness of the Australian countryside. These mountains are huge. The rolling hills that lead up to them are endless. And its all undeveloped. The only roads that go into those mountains are dirt. The enormity and wildness of it all can be quite daunting.


I finally made it to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (pronounced Tid-bin-billa, easy) which had recently been closed to the public because of the potential for a bush fire in this extreme heat wave. As I write this, there are currently 80+ bush fires south of Canberra in New South Wales. Its a tremendous problem.


Low and behold, I found some kangaroos hiding from the sun under a tree! Its hard to tell, but one of them had a little Joey stuffed in its pouch.


Mission complete and 1 hour left to ride, I headed back to civilization. But before going home, I stopped for a milkshake at one of the best brew shops in Canberra to celebrate the end of another block. And to get one more sugar high to aide my cramping legs in the final few kilometers.

Total exhaustion is mine.



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