3 Takeaways From Team Camp

It’s been a solid month and a half since the customs officer said “Welcome Home Son” during my triumphant return to the USA. And over four weeks since the Hincapie Sportswear Development Team ended its annual training camp in Greenville, SC. Most of the camp’s antics were religiously covered on Facebook and Twitter and in this social media era, a post on some 4 week old stories might be perceived as ‘old news’. Yet, some key factors can be taken away from the ancient tweets and Facebook posts. Here they are:

1. Looks. This is definitely the best looking cycling team in the US. Could I be so bold to say this Continent? Perhaps its the slimming, exceptionally good looking grey kits or the confident recklessness exuding from this bunch of GLRs. Confidence is sexy. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Not sure who said it but that same person also said winning is sexy and this is a whole host of winners. Like I said, best looking squad.

Alder Martz19

Looks 9/10

2. Strength. Mentally strong or physically strong or emotionally strong or what? Excellent question. One day during camp, we stopped to refill and refuel so Craven innocently pulled off the road and the car sunk into some genuine Carolina mud. The kind that squelches when you step in it and doesn’t let you go when you step out and even when you do, your shoes and pants are permanently discolored. Its not easy to push a VW station wagon loaded down with wheels, bonk breakers, huma gels, extra bottles, and TC out of a suction cup of mud. Its even harder in cycling shoes. Strength. We got it. So strong in fact, that only a few riders were needed for pushing. The rest of us offered verbal encouragement and Jake King took a video.

Got in some quality unexpected team building over camp!

A post shared by Jake King (@jmking6395) on

Strength 8/10

3. Skillz. With a Z. We got em and they are impeccable. I thought I was awesome doing the Superman or a no handed track stand. And then Ty came along and did a no handed wheelie. And then the Latvian, Skujiins took it to the next level.

Skills 10/10

Bonus points just because.


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