Back to the Basics

2013 was my best year in terms of blogging. I wrote close to 30 posts, including one that had over 1000 individual visitors thanks to a dramatic, concussion inducing crash. “Im getting really good at this blogging thing” my bruised brain told me.

2014 was not as stellar. New posts stopped faster than disc brakes in the wet and I blamed it on the premise that I had nothing to write about. A new teammate, Latvian Toms Skuujins was writing at a furious pace (and in two languages) on his blog but he was traveling the US for the first time and racing all the top UCI and NRC stops. I was in a familiar place doing familiar things such as grocery shopping and racing crits. What could I possibly write about that could be interesting?

2015 I was out of practice. I signed for an Aussie team, moved to Australia, bought the domain name and upgraded my site to which would permit more control over how things looked. I wanted something that was a cross between ManualForSpeed’s pictures and quips and I Am Ted King’s elegant conversationalist tone. I wrote a little (even tried to keep up a daily blog whilst racing in Iran) but I never liked anything enough to publish it.

Too long. 

Too short.

Not funny. 

Not enough voluminous verbiage. 

How do I change the color of that border using CSS? 


No one wants to read another race report. 

Why would anyone care about what I have to say?

That is the beauty of the internet. And I lost sight of it. The internet isn’t influential because of fancy websites with colorful front pages that resize to fit your device. Its the content that matters and the content that makes it great.

2016 is a year of going back to the basics, in terms of blogging. I signed with a Taiwanese team called Attaque Team Gusto, insuring I have plenty of possible content, and I let my fancy domain name expire.

12 months prior I began listening to podcasts instead of music during training soon after Serial exploded and I became captivated with the stories presented each week. The stories, I came to realize, are all around us. We just have to recognize them.

Instead of sticking to writing race reports I want to tell the stories; the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the heart breaks, the conventional and the weird be represented and given a voice. If only for me, as a memoir of these special moments as a bike racer.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

  1. Great post and I look forward to reading what you are learning and observing through the power of story…humans were wired for story…

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