T-3: Moving Day

I woke up early to finish writing some training programs where the WiFi was still semi reliable. WiFi in race hotels is reliably unreliable. Walking back from the kitchen I noticed the door to the other bedroom was open and Mario was lying face up like a sarcophagus in his bed, eyes wide open. It … Continue reading T-3: Moving Day


Tour of Qinghai Lake: My (Attempted) Daily Blog

The Tour of Qinghai Lake. It's pronounced Ching-high by the way. Western rules like U’s following Q’s and those Q’s making a sharp KW sound don't apply here. It is this lack of Western norms that the mention of Qinghai sends a shiver down rider’s spines. I’ve heard the stories. Food poisoning. High altitude. Spectators … Continue reading Tour of Qinghai Lake: My (Attempted) Daily Blog