T-3: Moving Day

I woke up early to finish writing some training programs where the WiFi was still semi reliable. WiFi in race hotels is reliably unreliable. Walking back from the kitchen I noticed the door to the other bedroom was open and Mario was lying face up like a sarcophagus in his bed, eyes wide open. It … Continue reading T-3: Moving Day


Tour of Qinghai Lake: My (Attempted) Daily Blog

The Tour of Qinghai Lake. It's pronounced Ching-high by the way. Western rules like U’s following Q’s and those Q’s making a sharp KW sound don't apply here. It is this lack of Western norms that the mention of Qinghai sends a shiver down rider’s spines. I’ve heard the stories. Food poisoning. High altitude. Spectators … Continue reading Tour of Qinghai Lake: My (Attempted) Daily Blog

Belgrade-Banja Luka

I've said before I really hate race reports. I find them boring and ubiquitous so its ironic that each Monday I am forgoing my usual dose of Netflix to push one down the pipeline. It's not totally worthless though. I was nominated to do the writing by my teammates who felt that the cost buying … Continue reading Belgrade-Banja Luka


Tour of Thailand(s Hospitals) Pt 2

Read part 1 here. The nurse in the ambulance ripped back my jersey and began rubbing ice up and down my chest. “Slow breathe. One. Two. Three. Four.” she said over and over. It became a mantra that she would repeat to me for the next few hours. The trip to the hospital was surprisingly short … Continue reading Tour of Thailand(s Hospitals) Pt 2